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about Sue Pringle

Sue Pringle is the Founder of millie lingerie. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40, undergoing a mastectomy and reconstruction after two inconclusive lumpectomies, and a further lumpectomy 10 years later, following a recurrence on the same side.

Sue, like thousands of other women, soon realised how difficult it was to find a bra [any bra] after her last surgery, because she needed to wear a breast prosthesis, and experienced permanently sensitive scar tissue. Sue just wasn't satisfied with her choices, and decided to turn her grump into a business.

Sue is a mother of two wonderful girls, now fully grown. She's had long, successful career in product development and marketing, with retailers including Clarks, Boots and Interflora. She led the team that launched luxury cosmetics and fragrance at, where her boss once asked: "If you can get this passionate about a lipstick Sue, imagine what you could achieve if you really gave a damn?" She does.