millie's hidden layers

soft cup & non-wired

Soft, breathable skin layer

Sensitivity - the inner lining has a carefully designed pocket to add a prosthesis and hold it securely in place, without it wriggling about.

It's sewn with a patented 'cool touch' fabric which feels soft, silky, and cool against the skin. The microfibre fabric is moisture wicking, and allows air to flow more freely, helping with any hotter moments during treatment or warmer weather.


shapely mid layer

Structure - the wire free mid layer is sewn with 'spacer' fabric to gently support, shape, and lift. It's stretch knit technology allows air to flow more freely, especially during hot moments.

The side panel is deep enough to give good underarm cover, and has built in soft support.

The elastics and threads are microfibre for breathability, and we've paid attention to how we stitch them to retain their maximum softness.

hero resize.jpeg

exquisite outer layer

Spirit - soft 'paper touch' fabric is harmonised with sumptuous stretch lace, to create a luxurious feeling, without compromising on any essential comfort needs.

The neck line is high enough to give discreet cover, and has a gentle stretch to fit to your contour. 

Right down to the last stitch, and with delicate splashes of lace on the straps and a translucent effect, it's designed to reflect your feminine spirit.

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