Millie is crowdfunding

We’ve been very busy – team millie would like to announce some very exciting news… we are launching our very first crowdfunding project, to raise funds so that we can start making our very first prototype bra.

If you’re wondering what crowdfunding is, you wouldn’t be the first. Crowdfunding is the practise of funding a project – in our case, a start up company – by raising relatively modest amounts of money from a large number of people. We are hoping to raise £5000 to prototype our first millie bra. The money raised through this first round of investment will allow us to make a pattern of our first design, buy the fabrics, and carry out multiple fitting and sample-making rounds until we’re 100% happy it really works. Then, we’ll be poised for another round of investment to expand our range, and bring our product to the market.

Our project isn’t yet live, however you can have a sneak peak at our campaigning page by clicking this link: millie kickstarter page.

Although you can’t make a contribution to our project yet, a large part of the success of millie’s campaign is pre-funding pledges. By emailing us at you can tell us how much you would like to pledge when the project goes live in a few weeks, and we can let you know when the campaign launches.

Keep your eyes peeled for another blog coming up in the next few days, when we’ll share information about the gifts our crowdfunding supporters can choose from. Until then, please follow us on twitter, and mention & retweet to spread the word – and you can also like and share our facebook page.