25 days, 83 backers and a fund of £5613 (to be precise)

Our successful, funded Kickstarter campaign closed last night, on the eve of the Summer Solstice. Twenty five days, eighty three backers, hundreds of Facebook posts & tweets, innumerable  conversations with friends, family & supporters of the project, and pledges totaling a whopping £5613. Fantastic, verifying, and truly humbling to receive such support.

There have been so many highlights - reaching our first £1000, speaking on local radio with my daughters, Facebook contacts from women far and wide applauding our vision and plans, and people we know and didn't know, cheering us on and sharing our story with their friends and family.

Our aim was to raise funds to create our first bra, but we've achieved much more than we could possibly have imagined. Our idea to create gorgeous lingerie for women living well with breast cancer has been thoroughly tested and validated; women like me, and their friends & family "get it".

On a practical financial level, we've now got funds that we can put to work to raise further, additional funds when we start applying for grants. Our £5613 can potentially be worth 50%+ more with careful financial management and planning, and we've a firm commitment to make every penny count towards delivering the best possible solution to the problem we've identified.

Next, after a brief respite and catch up for a day or two, we'll start fleshing out the product development plan; things look altogether different now funds are in place - confidence grows, the possible becomes probable, and our goal looks ever more deliverable. And we're smiling, rather a lot.

Thank you all.