millie's 'fun'ded week

On Monday we received the exciting new from Kickstarter that "funds were on the way". Whoohoo! They arrived at our bank account yesterday, so it seems entirely fitting to thank our supporters once again. Thank you.

Here are a some highlights of the week, though I must confess, I'm feeling a little giddy today. Talk about moving from the sublime to the ridiculous in the space of a couple of hours. I registered the company for VAT (a joy!) - it means that products & services we pay for whilst developing our prototype with VAT charged, we can reclaim. £ savings!

Why am I giddy though? Is VAT not exciting enough?! After acquitting myself of said VAT registration duties, I moved onto something quintessentially more pleasing - design. I've been searching for talented designers and lingerie professionals for months now, and have identified a fair few of them already, including the talented lady who helped us with our first designs.

Whilst these design ideas are reasonably well set, I'm working on the basis that the whole point of prototyping is to experiment and learn to solve the design challenges better than anyone else, giving ourselves full permission to update and improve as we progress. This includes scouting for future talent, and today, I 'e-met' a new designer; she had sent me her portfolio to consider. My, oh my, I think she understands the need to create feminine, gorgeous design alright. She nails it. Can't wait to meet her.

And finally, yesterday I attended a fantastic event organised by Uni of Nottingham Ingenuity Network, Cashflow and Managing Money. Bob Berry, Boots Professor of Finance, took us through the essentials business owners need to know about looking after their money, something I feel suddenly very accountable for.

I was struck by the difference I will face when I sit on the other side of the financial table at a future point, negotiating with stockists. As a product manager at Boots I negotiated endless contracts and payment terms with designers, suppliers, and manufacturers, always with the aim of maximising the benefits for my trading account. Now I can usefully put that knowledge and insight to work as I develop the financial management of millie.

"Cash is King!" - Amen to that.