Blind testing lingerie fabrics

Bundles of gorgeous fabrics have been arriving from Italy, Austria, and sunny Nottingham (the latter knit the fabric for the Queen's Gloves, really!).

As a novice in lingerie fabric evaluation, I decided to put my experiential knowledge of wearing bras especially designed for women after breast cancer to the test - could I spot a fabric with a skin benefit from a more 'ordinary' one?

The fabrics arrive on 'hangers' - a square of fabric, there's no description on the front, the technical details on the reverse. Prices are in a separate letter. Time to have some fun!

I line them up all on my kitchen table, and begin by draping them across my hands. I squeege them up, rub them against my cheek, and feel how they handle and drape. I smile, and wonder "is this how experienced lingerie designers and buyers select?!"

Next, I mark each hanger card with a tick, cross or maybe, then I turn them over to identify them all. I work though the prices, and mark them up. Have I curated well, or are my skills in fabric selection in need of a bit more work?

Here's what happened - ALL the fabrics I selected the fabrics have an extra something, some Coolmax, a maybe BioActive combo of Pima cotton (in the picture above, it's grown in America). All of them are clever modern fibres with properties that will make a difference to the comfort and feel of a millie bra. I deselected the cheapest fabrics without even a clue, that made me laugh, I've always had the knack to choose the most expensive!

Next, I'll start working through these fabrics with my designer. This is going to be BIG fun.