Let's start at the very beginning

Today I’ve been very inspired by a talented young woman who won a tennis match. She steamed out of the blocks, looked to be setting the cruise control, then she nearly blew it. But she is a fighter, and she came back, strong and triumphant. She had courage, I admire courage, I applaud you Miss Lisicki.

My point? Like Miss Lisicki, I have had my highs and lows, and now I am looking forward to more fulfilling times as I begin my very personal journey into starting up my own business in an industry in which I have stacks of consumer experience, but have a lot to find out about its inner workings.

I passionately believe that I, like thousands of women who have been through breast cancer, have the same right to get dressed in the morning and feel fabulous.

It’s the same desire that I’ve always had to get dressed feeling confident, being able to choose the right lingerie for the day ahead, but this past year it’s been a little too much of a challenge to find a lovely bra that fits, and it’s been much harder than it should have been (many stories to come on this theme, hopefully yours too).

So I am resolved to do something about it, and as I go I will share my thoughts and develop ideas with you along the way, and ask you to join in with me, have a formative voice in developing a new brand of lingerie from the ground up.

So for now at least things may look a little Heath Robinson while it all begins to take shape, but bear with me because one thing is for sure, it’s going to be quite a journey. Please join me.