Thank you to my co-designers

Every since I started out on my quest to find a better bra, I've regularly met and spoken with lots of women who've faced similar wardrobe challenges to me. We've chatted on the phone, or met for a cuppa, and shared our stories about the impact of surgery, and the positivity that follows breast cancer treatment. It never ceases to amaze me. Ever.

We've had plenty of laughs, and a few tearful moments, but we've always shared something in common, a hunger to bring back some of the feelings we used to have about our lingerie. There's something we miss about it, and we want it back. Without realising it, these friendly cups of tea have become informal design sessions, where I've learnt something new, every single time, by listening to another woman's perspective on her breasts and bras.

Last week, sitting in a local cafe, my new friend proudly showed me a photo of her reconstructed nipple - wow! It was a beauty, but honestly, not something I ever imagined I'd see just after pouring tea in Sherwood. I was honoured and quietly taken aback that she shared such a precious photo with me, it was an amazing insight into part of her journey. I've had the privilege of sharing many special moments with other women during the past year or so; their openness, honesty and frankness has been revolutionary and refreshing.

I learn something every time I speak to a new friend of millie. It never ceases to astonish me, that there are so many women out there willing to help me to develop this new kind of a bra - a millie bra. So, today, I'd simply like to say thank you, to each and every one of you, for sharing your highs and your lows, your lingerie wishes, and for helping me to make this happen.