Ta dah!

For months now, I've been itching to share some of the design work that's been going on behind the scenes, but by necessity, have had to keep under wraps.

The prototyping design process has been a lengthy period, starting with concepts designs, fleshing them out, selecting materials and components to bring the design to life, creating CAD designs and patterns, and testing them to see what other women think of the design direction.

We've taken the bra through a lot of technical work already, making and revising patterns, working on the fit and shape, chopping it up and starting again (that made me weep!) and multiple rounds of sample making. We've catalogued much of this process, and we'll be sharing the highlights on our social media channels over the coming weeks and months, giving you a real insight into what's involved.

I'd like to begin with one of my favourite images of millie "v4" taken at our Design Day in May 2016 when we invited some of our millie ladies along to see the bra for the first time, and find out what they thought about it. Together with much eating of cake, we discussed the design development, and reviewed the materials we've selected such as soft stretch lace, and our delicate lining fabric, which everyone thought felt "like silk".

When I set out out to develop a range new bras for women to wear after breast cancer treatment, I always had the collective, "other women, like me" in mind. I hope to continue with this tradition, and look forward to the many conversations and cups of tea I will have during the process.

If you'd like to be more involved in our design process, please visit our Kickstarter page to see our 'Design Curator' reward.