collaborators & supporters

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NTU is a dynamic university that truly embraces entrepreneurship and local enterprise. The breadth of support our venture has received from NTU is endless; the Thank You we owe is immense.

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The Left Lion is a famous landmark in Nottingham, and an aptly named arts and culture magazine, who have helped to create our Kickstarter project video. It's been a true adventure, from story board to final cut. Special thanks to Georgi, Natalie, and Jared. 

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molly moore

Molly graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2016 with a BA Hons in Fashion Marketing Communications. Molly has been creating our stylish brand graphics, and capturing some of our informal photography moments.

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rebecca lewis

Rebecca is also a Nottingham Trent Fashion Marketing graduate, currently studying her MA in Commercial Photography. Many of the photographs you see here were shot by Rebecca in the studio at NTU, where she has helped us to develop our style.

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jonathan richards

Jonathan is the MD of Picture Studios Ltd, and has lent his support to our venture by shooting our first professional product images, which are simply superb, and usually beyond the reaches of a startup venture like ours.